A young disabled man marries a beautiful woman in a lavish ceremony

disabled man

Like other children, Olajide Mayowa Kehinde was born regularly. But at one time in his life, he had a physical disability.

He recalls a time when he was able to walk, run, and play football like other kids and still had both of his legs, but he is unsure of the specific event that left him disabled.

Kehind told a heartwarming story of how things got worse till he was completely dependent on his legs. Says he:

“I’m physically challenged. I use a wheelchair. Till now I can’t explain what really happened to me. Though some people were saying it was a spiritual attack, but only God knows.

I was not born crippled. I was walking normally like every other baby, but suddenly, I just lost my legs.

My mum went out, and asked me to stay with neighbors. But she realised my body temperature was very high, and I was finding it difficult to stand on my legs when she came back. That’s how it started.

My parents tried their best took me to the hospital, carried me to many churches, even tried the traditional way, spent a lot of money, and sold many of their properties but all was in vain.”

Even though Kehinde is crippled and needs a wheelchair to go around, he appears to have overcome every obstacle that fate has thrown in his path.
He attended the Kwara State Polytechnic and graduated with honors, specializing in computer science.

However, Ekiti state native Keninde claimed that he never found education to be simple. He claimed to have had several difficulties while attending school.

His words:
“All glory to God almighty who has always been there for me to go this far even with my condition.

Although it has not been an easy journey for me. It was a very tough one. But I thank God for that spirit of not giving up. I thank God for the strength given to me. I thank God for the wisdom. I thank God for that spirit of endurance. Every one of my successes is to God’s glory.

Sometimes when I’m alone, I do ask myself what is really inside of me. Why do I always go for something that looks impossible for me to achieve?

This God has been really faithful and has never put me to shame.

I could remember after my last paper in school, one of my coursemates hugged me, shadding tears of joy for me, saying she never believed I could achieve this.”

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