African woman flaunts her disabled hubby online after receiving Australian citizenship

African woman

After acquiring Australian citizenship, an African woman flaunts her crippled husband online.

After acquiring her Australian citizenship, an African woman named as Princess Suzzy-Eling was moved to tears as she expressed her gratitude to her husband.

She resorted to social media to post a video of the emotional moment she thanked her husband for his unwavering support.

Princess, who married her husband in 2018, was seen bowing in front of him, thanking and praising him.

She admitted that she could not have achieved Australian citizenship without his help and support, and she referred to him as a “angel in human form.”

Sharing the video on TikTok, she wrote,

“I got soo emotional after receiving my Australian citizenship. I thanked my husband deeply from my heart for being a supportive husband throughout our marriage.I couldn’t do this without God and my husband. He is an angel in human body.I love him soo much and my prayers is too spent more quality years together.”

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