Brave man happily shows off his two girlfriends

two girlfriends
two girlfriends

A young man who posted about his relationships with his two cohabiting girlfriends on social media has generated a lot of attention.

User @_ethniesjags uploaded the video to X with the comment, “He’s living the life with two girlfriends.”

The San Diego-based polygyny pair is well-known for sharing intimate details of their relationship on Tiktok, where they go by the handle @SanDiegoroyalty.

This type of relationship, where one man has two girlfriends, who go as far as living in the same house is quite a rarity.

Many Netizens have rushed to the comment section of the post to express their surprise.

See some reactions:

@OTUNBA_Tiz said: It’s like this is what me I want o ?

@franklinto said: he’ll still cheat

@arrabbucknor said: This is the most happiest man in the universe right now

@mroscarromero said: e go still cheat on the two

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