Bukom Banku cries as his own son snatches his girlfriend and knacks her wotowoto

Bukom Banku

The renowned boxer from Ghana, Bukom Banku, recently spoke out about a very personal and painful issue.

The seasoned fighter talked openly about the heartbreaking experience that left him during an interview with Okay FM.

In his opening remarks, Bukom Banku disclosed that, thinking he was connecting with his family in a unique way, he had introduced a lady he was dating to his own kid.

But when his son allegedly developed a love relationship and grew deeply connected with the same woman, the matter took an unexpected turn.

Bukom Banku said he had told his son about the possible repercussions in an effort to stop him from pursuing a connection with the lady he had previously been connected with.

He warned his son that becoming involved in a love connection with the same lady may bring a curse upon him, but it seems that his words were not taken seriously.

The renowned fighter continued by sharing another troubling detail regarding his son’s actions.

According to him, his son had engaged in a fraudulent web scheme wherein he pretended to be a lady in order to deceive others overseas and make substantial money.

Many individuals have been thinking about the obstacles and difficulties that might occur within family connections as a result of Bukom Banku’s sadness and the complicated familial dynamics he outlined.

The story serves as a stark reminder of how personal and emotional struggles can manifest within a family setting.

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