Can you do something about import duties, especially on cars? – Wendy Shay cries to Prez.

Ghanaian Artiste, Wendy Shay has asked President Akuffo-Addo if something can be done on import duties, especially on cars, as she sees it as very exorbitant.

For several months now, Ghanaians have complained and most especially people or traders who deal in import and export of goods, about the high import charges placed on items imported by these individuals or traders. In many of these complaints, many have struggled to understand why they have to pay more than the price of the goods itself just to clear it off the port. Many businesses who depend on these imported goods are either collapsing or on the verge of collapsing.

Latest person to make this complaint is Ghanaian Artiste, Wendy Shay, who struggled to understand why one has to pay high import duties, especially on cars, before it is cleared off the port. In a tweet yesterday, the Songstress wrote: “Your excellency @NAkufoAddo Mr president, I know you have the welfare of Ghanaians at heart but can you please do something on import duties especially on cars? The import duties on cars are way Outrageous. You buy a car in the US for $35,000 (397,707.10 Cedis) and pay $30,000 usd (340,891.80) as duty. Please do something Mr. President.”

This post so far as garnered over 290k views on twitter with many applauding her for speaking up. Others also shared their experiences on this issue as many people have faced these same challenges but do not have the voice to speak out.

With the introduction of the digitalization on our ports by Vice President, His Excellency Dr. Bawumia, one expected some of these challenges traders and individuals face on our ports will be curbed, but that seems not to be the case, as most Ghanaian continue to complain.

Below is the tweet from Wendy Shay:

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