DWP star Champion Rolie set to leave the dance academy, after his girl-friend Afronita, left the group a few weeks ago.

An artwork with the caption “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”, which has the logo and image of popular dancer of the DWP fame, Champion Rolie, suggests that he is set to abandon the group and be on his own as a separate brand.

Although, the dancer did not state categorically clear that he is leaving, social media fans have already started reading meanings into the flier and suggests that the dancer is also set to leave the dance academy after his friend/girlfriend Afronita, some few weeks ago, ditched the group to be on his own.

The speculation and the flier did not come as a shock as people anticipated this move. But many cannot wrap their heads around why the sudden moves by two of the most popular and stronger personalities in the group.

This, however, is not the first time that a strong figure and a popular face from the academy has left the group. Ghanaian elite dancer, Dancegod Lloyd, also left the group due to some friction and misunderstanding between the latter and Qwabbles (Leader and founder of the academy).

As many seek to understand why these exits, many have also started attributing these exits to a number of factors.

Many are of the belief that the exits can be attributed to the leader of the group, Qwabbles. Many say, the leader might have been handling the deals and gigs of these people poorly or in a way that does not sit well with them, for a long time. And this move, is them being fed up and believe that they can handle their own deals, in their own way and style and manage it the way they want.

Again, Champion Rolie’s anticipated exit, can be attributed to the Afronita influence. It is widely known and no news, the solid relationship that exists between the two. A number of videos and images of the two together have suggested that the two of them are best friends or even more, lovers. And given the fact that just some few weeks ago, Afronita left the dance academy, it is not surprising for people to link Champion Rolie’s anticipated exit to her, as the two are considered inseparable.

Moreover, a lot of people also believe that Champion Rolie image or brand has outgrown the academy and it is just about time he also quits and stand as a brand on his own.

With the anticipated exit of Champion Rolie, following Afronita’s exit, what do you also think is the contributing factor to the reason why these two are exiting? Are we to expect more exits from the dance academy? What will be the fate of these two as they now stand on their own as separate brands?

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