Childish Tantrums! Never let the kid in you destroy the King in You – Prince David Osei blasts Sarkodie.

Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has angrily blasted Ghanaian music sensation Sarkodie, after he released a ‘diss song’ for Yvonne Nelsons titled, ‘Try Me’.

After the launch of the memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’, one notable story in the memoir, that shocked a lot of people and sparked a lot of conversations, was the part where Yvonne Nelson mentioned Sarkodie, narrating that the rapper made her commit an abortion when she got pregnant for him, during her final year at Central University College.

With many people expressing their views on the matter, with some lambasting the rapper and others defending him, one thing that had been highly anticipated was a reply from the man in question, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known in showbiz as Sarkodie.

The much anticipated reply came in yesterday, as the rapper dropped a song titled ‘Try Me’, where he gave his own account of the story and debunking some of the statements that Yvonne Nelson made with regards to the said abortion statement in the book. The reply was met with a mixed reaction from the public, as some understood his side of the story and changed their opinion on the matter, some remained unshaken and even insisted that the reply was not necessary. Others claim he embarrassed and called the actress a ‘whore’, which they did not approve of. One of such is Prince David Osei, a Ghanaian actor who has starred in many movies with Yvonne Nelson.

The veteran actor yesterday took to twitter to express his disgust at Sarkodie, for embarrassing and sl*t shaming Yvonne Nelson. He opined that the rapper should refrain from ‘childish tantrums’ and not allow the kid in him, destroy the King in him. Quoting a tweet from blogger Ameyaw Debrah, which had a post of Onua TV’s Captain Smart sharing his opinion on the matter, he posted, “Childish tantrums!! Never let the kid in you destroy the king in you.. Whoever sleeps with a woman get her pregnant and don’t own up as man and goes about labeling her a ‘Whore’ is the dumbest a**h*le ever.. She was a ‘whore’ yet you shagged her unprotected got her pregnant!! God have mercy on those supporting tomfoolery!! #respectwomen”.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet:

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