Eye brows Raised, as Eddie Nartey Remarries, Three Years After His Wife’s Death.

Ghanaians have raised questions about Ghanaian Actor and Movie Producer, Eddie Nartey, after he announce plans of getting married, just after 3 years of his wife’s passing.

Ghanaian Actor and Movie producer, Eddie Nartey, has recently announced his intentions to re-marry just after three years of the passing of his wife, Vida Ohenewaa. This news did not sit well with Ghanaians, especially his fans, with many asking the question, ‘Why so soon?”

After mourning the death of his wife for three years, Eddie Nartey announced his intentions to move on and find happiness once more by marrying again. After the tragic loss of his wife, it is exciting to see that he is finally ready to move on and be happy, by marrying his new wife, Cathie.

A ceremony, held on August 12, 2023, saw Eddie Nartey joined in a blissful union with his new found wife. The ceremony saw a number of Ghanaian Actors and industry players attend the ceremony, which was a beautiful sight to behold. Cathie, his new wife, was adorned in an elegant blue and Yellow kente dress, which also matched Eddie’s own Yellow and Blue apparel.

However, a lot of Ghanaians, have raised concerns of how early or quickly Eddie is moving on, just after three years of loosing his first wife. Many wondered if he has really healed properly before considering marrying another woman. Most, especially his fans, are of the view that he should have waited for at least five years before remarrying.

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