Nominations for the Ghana Music Awards have officially ended, with many in eager anticipation to see who gets into which category. And whether or not, they deserve the slot. And in the spirit of this eager anticipation, we make a case for Kofi Kinaata to be nominated in the Reggae/Dancehall category.

As nominations for the Ghana Misic Awards have come to an end, many anticipate the release of the nominations to know who makes it into which category or not and whether or not they deserve to be there. 

Making a case for 4-time songwriter of the year, Kofi Kinaata, to be nominated and also voted for to win a category that is untraditional to him and his craft, is one that should be eagerly validated by all music lovers.

In the year under review (January 2023 – December 2023), Highlife and hip life artist Kofi Kinaata decided to step out of his comfort zone, where he serves great highlife and hip life tunes, into the reggae/dancehall, and gave us an amazing tune, “Efiekuma Love”.

Effiekuma Love, is a reggae song that took Ghana by storm, as the song embodied the basic elements, instrumentation, arrangement and soothing feel of reggae music, much to the amazement of many, especially those who find themselves in the genre itself. 

Reggae enthusiasts such as Black Rasta amongst others have greatly commended the artist for stepping into the genre and producing this great tune. They further encouraged him to not stop at this but to continue releasing tunes like that.

The Numbers Game

On YouTube, the song has amassed over 1.5 million views, which is very impressive for a first timer in this category. Amassing 1.5 million views on YouTube, with Stonebwoy’s Into The Future amassing up to 3.6 million views, it is of no doubt that Kofi Kinaata’s reggae hit was and is still widely accepted and appreciated by many. On Boomplay, the song has amassed a thrilling 2.1 million streams, which goes to make a huge stake and claim in the category, which cannot be overlooked by the board or academy. On TikTok, which is the world’s largest audio-visual social media platform, has seen 13.2k usage of the song in content creation videos on the app.

The Trajectory 

The Ghana music Awards has shown over the years, its immerse appreciation for artists who step out of their comfort zone and venture into other genres. And not venture into those genres but make a significant claim in that particular genre. In 2021, Adina won the Reggae/Dancehall song of the year with her song WHY, being an artist who is not known for the genre. Adina’s WHY had a nomination and eventually won the category much to the surprise of many, beating reggae/dancehall songs such as Mzvee’s Sheriff, Samini’s Forever amongst others. Looking at this trend, it makes a lot of sense to make a case and a claim for Kofi Kinaata and his song EFFIEKUMA LOVE, looking at the numbers, the popularity, quality of production and to also recognize his courage and artistic prowess to venture into this genre.

On the various points above, we make the case for Kofi Kinaata to be nominated in the category and eventually win it.

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