I had a contract for $150,00 with Sarkodie, He went behind my back to take GHc120,000 and portray as the cheapest option – Shatta Wale

In a twitter space, with Serwaa Amihere, yesterday, Shatta Wale finally recounts the reason for his constant attacks on Sarkodie, which has lead to breaking their bond, which existed sometime ago.

Yesterday, in a twitter space with Serwaa Amihere of EiB Network, Shatta Wale finally revealed why he constantly attacks Sarkordie and also recounted the events that transpired for the bad blood to exist between the two ‘former’ good friends.

Charles Nii Armah, known as Shatta Wale, revealed that what broke the bond between him and Sarkodie was the events that transpires, in relation to the Glo mega-concert deal which happened on October 25, 2018.

Speaking to Serwaa, he narrated that he was the one who actually got contacted for the deal first and decided to call Sarkodie to join and take the deal together. He said that the two agreed that they were going to charge $150,000 for the Glo mega-concert. But Sarkodie, unknowingly went behind him and accepted GHC 120,000, which he, Shatta Wale, when he found out, got angry about it.

During the space, he said, “They paid him like GHC 120,000 but we had agreed on $150,000 and thus matter is from 4/5 ears ago. So when I heard it, I was like I spoke to this person a few days ago. So I called him and I asked him and he said, Yes, they’ve paid us good money but I told you they can pay more even in dollars.”

According to him, he gesture by Sarkodie made the organizers of the show think Shatta Wale wasn’t worth the amount he asked for and even went ahead to offer Sarkodie $131,000 instead of $150,00, initially agreed on, leaving Shatter Wale hanging and this made him angry at him.

He stated that he became angry with Sarkodie because the latter failed to support his advice or idea to ditch the show, at the time they were offered lesser that the $150,000 initially agreed on. An what made matters worse, according to Shatta Wale was that, not only did Sarkodie ignore his advice, he also went ahead to perform at the show.

This ha lead to the abrupt end to the once cordial friendship between the two. Since then, Shatta Wale has always took to twitter to castigate Sarkodie for the slightest mistake, recent amongst them is he mocking Sarkodie when the issue with Yvonne Nelson popped up.

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