I make 250k as a Social Media influencer a year – Mitchy Brags

Ghanaian Socialite and ex-partner of Dancehall Musician Shatta Wale, has disclosed that she makes a whooping 250k just from Social media influencing.

In an interview on 3fm on the 3FM Drive with Giovanni Caleb, Shatta Mitchy disclosed that Social Media offers very good and genuine financial projections for all, who opt to capitalixe on it.

In the interview with Gionanni, she said that it all depends on the individual, making the choice and showing full commitment to it.

“It absolutely does. I consistently emphasize that when you witness someone propering finacially through social media, it’s not fabrication. You have to determine your path,” she said.

Known in real life as Diamond Michelle, Michy expressed that she sees and deems her Instagram page a her office or workplace, that requires her to attach professionalism and staying committed to it.

She further added: “I treat my page like an office. Other than promoting my music, you won’t find anything there except for advertisements. My page is a business platform. I don’t even extend birthday wishes there. I save those for my snapchat because this is my professional domain, and I aim to keep it orderly“.

She said that when potential clients or companies evaluates her, they should recognize that every post she makes on her page, even the lighthearted ones, serves as a form of advertisement.

Shatta Mitchy revealed that the pricing for her services, thus, the advertisements she does on her Instagram platform, varies and duly reflects the value she adds.

Speaking on pricing, she said: “The pricing varies. I offer different packages. If you can manage one post, it can range from Ghc 1,500 to 2,000. With my team now, we’ve introduced a package for 50k and a 250k package for a year. The level of dedication I put into this justifies the cost. Sometimes, I need to change my surroundings, so I’m dining at restaurants, staying in hotels, or visiting apartments, all from my own pocket.

She also stated that the importance and originality of brands, are what serves as her criteria, in collaborating with brands.

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