“I never believed you were pregnant because of your ashawo” – Sarkodie dirties Yvonne Nelson


Sarkodie dirties Yvonne Nelson

After Yvonne Nelson claimed that Sarkodie had impregnated her in 2010 and forced her to have an abortion, Sarkodie has now provided his side of the story.

Sarkodie claims in a new song named RAW that he never thought Yvonne Nelson was expecting since he was well aware of her relationships with other guys in addition to him.

He believed that since she was a street girl and he knew full well that she was one, she was just trying to start one of her numerous pointless “dramas” with him.

Sarkodie claimed that after Yvonne told him she was pregnant, he advised her to retain the child but she chose to get an abortion because she insisted that her education was her main priority at the time.

He said that after that, he invited her to see his doctor for medical care, but she declined, saying that her friend had previously given her the name of a trustworthy physician and that he had never pressured her to get an abortion.

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