I will never allow my son to play for Ghana – Ransford Osei

Ransford Osei

Former Ghana striker Ransford Osei has vowed to do all in his power to prevent his son from playing for his country.

Simply put, if any of his children end up becoming football players, Ransford Osei has stated his desire to stop them from taking part in what he sees as a corrupt system.

The former U-17 forward said that the actions of a person, whose identity he would not give, were the reason he was not selected for the Black Stars.

Ransford Osei was furious, claiming that after the 2007 U-17 World Cup, Ghanaian athletes were left to fend for themselves while competitors from European countries received the support they needed to advance their abilities.

He claimed that it is his responsibility as a father to prevent his child from becoming a victim of a system that he feels stifles innovation.

“If I’m ever getting back into football then it’s probably because my son would turn a footballer and I’d be his agent. That’s the only association I’d want to have with football. If my son becomes a footballer, I will never allow him to play for any Ghanaian national team. I’m being real. I’m no longer playing active football so I can say it.

“Something happened during playing days and because of that, I did not receive any Black Stars call-up. Someone did something that courted my hatred in the face of some big men in football.

“In Ghana, being good alone is not enough to get you to the top and that’s the difference between African and whites. The white man will give you all the push when he realizes that you are talented but Africans will not do that.

“We played with Bojan Kirkic who was then in the Barcelona academy, Toni Kroos was at Bayern Munich, and a lot of them. After the tournament, they were given the platform to shine but we have to struggle for ourselves.

“Over here, the belief is that we have talent in abundance so if you don’t bribe someone you won’t be allowed to progress so why would I allow my son to go through this system,” he said.

Osei represented Ghana at the U-17 level in 2007, and his efforts helped the Black Starlets finish third in the U-17 African Youth Championship.

He won the silver boot at the competition’s conclusion with six goals. Later, he duplicated the feat at the 2009 U-20 AFCON, scoring seven goals to win the tournament’s Golden Boot as Ghana became the first African country to win.

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