Is Kuami Eugene’s career in trouble? Adane Best weighs in

Kuami Eugene

Adane Best, a renowned highlife musician, has voiced worry over Kuami Eugene’s allegedly declining career.

Best, an expert in the field with over 30 years of experience, thinks Kuami Eugene’s career has been stagnating since he keeps using the same strategy he did in his early days.

“Kuami Eugene’s hype has gone down,” Best said in an interview with Asempa FM. “But for him to rise back up he needs people to support him. He keeps doing what he did when he was young.

He will have the same outcomes if he does the same thing. Despite his brilliance, the buzz around him is fading.

Best made it clear that while he is not claiming that Eugene has entirely disappeared from view, his present status is not as strong as it was when he first came to prominence.

Eugene has the ability to get through this trying moment, he added, and it’s vital to be honest with the people we care about.

“I am not saying he has dropped completely,” Best said. “But if you compare him to when he came out, it is not the same. I have been in the game for 31 years now, so I know what I am saying. If you love someone, you have to tell them the truth and I know he can get out of that.”

To Best’s comments, Kuami Eugene has not yet given a public response. But his supporters and business experts are excited to see what he does next. They are hoping he can revive his professional life and rekindle the enthusiasm that accompanied his early triumph.

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