Meet Amouranth; the lady who is selling beer made from her vaginal yeast


Amouranth has disclosed more information about her future beverage brand, which is said to be inspired by her vagina.

We live in a world where influencers and e-celebrities can create and sell almost any form of product, and they seem to become crazier and weirder with each passing year.

Amouranth, who has built an exceptionally successful career for herself as one of the world’s top female streamers. She’s made a lot of money from simple things like selling bathwater and resting on a stream.

Her most recent commercial effort, however, is by far the oddest, as she recently disclosed she’d been approached by a Polish brewery, ‘The Order Of Yoni,’ requesting for her Pap smear to be used in one of its newest brews.

The firm has already produced many beers, and Amouranth is said to be quite enthusiastic to collaborate with them on the unusual beverage.

Will you patronize this beer in your locality?

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