Mzbel Confirms, she was in a relationship with Former President Mahama

Ghanaian musician Mzbel has stated in that she misses former President Mahama, even though he has blocked her, and calls her Daddy, which gets Ghanaians talking.

In an interview on 3FM, Mzbel revealed that she has the contact of the Ex-President anymore, and that she misses him. She also expressed her desire for the two to go back to chatting and talk like how things were in time past.

Mzbel says that although she misses him, she has also in no way tried to call him or contact him. She says that if Ex-President Mahama wanted to see her or let her have his number, he would have given it to her and can still give it to him. But what she will not do is to go after him for it.

During the interview on 3FM, she said, “It’s been a while. I miss him. I miss my daddy. I don’t have his number and I guess he has changed his old number. Because if he wants me to have his number, he will let me have his number, I don’t have to chase him for it”. She said during the interview, when she was asked if she has been in recent contact with the NDC flagbearer and whether or not they are still in contact.

The ’16 years’ also stated that events that have pan out during the last three years have been a major contributing factor to their bond being broken.

The last three years have seen Mzbel engage in a brutal argument with Tracey Boakye, who also happened to be her former friends. During this heated beef, the two. through social media traded insults, where secrets were revealed including the shocking claim or fact that the Ex-President Mahama was their ‘sugar daddy’, referring to him as ‘Papa No”. Mzbel swore to provide evidence to prove the fact that Former President was indeed the ‘Papa No’.

This recent interview of Mzbel’s, have raised a lot of eyebrows, and particularly a lot of Ghanaians, making their own judgements of the issue.

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