PRESS RELEASE: Fan Milk Plc Addresses Consumer Concerns on FanYogo

Fan milk Plc, has yesterday 3rd July, 2023, released a statement addressing the concerns of consumers on the texture of some batches of FanYogo.

FanYogo has been one of the most enjoyed and consumed ice cream and beverage brand in the country. From time immemorial, FanYogo has been a household name and one that has been widely accepted by both children and adults. However, in recent times, and especially this year, consumers through video and photo footages have brought attention to the foul texture of some batches of the product.

In several videos and photos, the product’s texture is seen as one that’s odd from what is widely known. This prompted consumers to draw the attention of Fan Milk Plc, to the growing concerns by consumers. Fan Milk who are producers of Fan Yogo, have done their market research with experts as well as the Food Research Institute to identify the batches of the Fan Yogo product that has the foul texture.

In a release yesterday, Fan Milk Plc, named the batch numbers of Fan Yogo products with such texture an d have assured consumers that through checks with their experts as well as FRI, the batches are safe for consumption. However, they also call to the general public that any Fan Yogo product with these batch numbers be returned to their depot, as mentioned in the release.

This move by Fan Milk Plc is a step in the right direction, to address consumer concerns as well as ensure premium quality products for use or consumption. Fan Yogo comes in Strawberry, Mango and Passion flavors. Below is the press statement from Fan Milk Plc:

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