American rapper, Rick Ross in an instagram live with Ghanaian superstar Stonebwoy, has promised to get Stonebwoy a collaboration with Rihanna in the coming days.

Ace American rapper, ‘The boss’ Rick Ross, yesterday in an instagram live with Ghanaian superstar artist, Stonebwoy, promised to get him a collaboration with popular Bahamas Pop singer Rihanna, after the latter expressed his desire to have a collaboration with Rihanna and Taylor Swift on a project.

This live instagram conversation became possible yesterday, after Rick Ross announced on his instagram story of an upcoming ‘African Project’, with 12 songs, he is planning to embark on in Africa. And he further went on to mention that he desire to work with the great talent and superstars in Africa, and the first name he mentioned, was Stonebwoy, amongst some other music heavyweights on the continent.

During the instagram live, Rick Ross sort to find out if the American music or the American sound have had any influence on his sound and music in general. And this is what Stonebwoy had to say,” Any American artist which had influence my career the most? Ah… definitely a hip hop artist because of the vibes, you know, because of the consciousness of the vibes. And one of my favorites is Talib Kweli, as well, you know, from time. Definitely everybody knows about Jay Z, yes. Definitely the boss himself, you as well to be honest, I am not gonna lie. Like, ever since you came into the game, you have brought a different spirit, you know, to the industry and I am really feeding off that inspirational vibes that you always put in. Because you know and you see it yourself. Your video and stuff that you say to people always go a long way to get us to become what we become, you get me? So we keep on fighting, we keep on pushing and that is it for me. And hip hop itself, is not necessarily just one artist from America.”

Furthermore, ‘The boss’ wanted to know which artists from America he(Stonebwoy), will like to collaborate with on a project, both on the male side and the female side. This is what Stonebwoy had to say, “ Jeez! Who is that gonna be?? I think it is gotta be Rihanna for me, I have always said that. Yes, I have always wanted her. Taylor[Swift] or Rihanna. That is for the females, you feel me? But on the male side it is gotta be you [Rick Ross] and on the female side it is gotta be Rihanna or Taylor Swift.

To this Rick Ross said,” Rihanna. I am most definitely with you. I am absorbing that Rihanna energy and you know, it is ‘boss’ you are collaboration, you on boss, we are getting that done this week….”

This information from Rick Ross di no just get Stonebwoy excited, but also got the fans of Stonebwoy and all music lovers excited, to finally have the possibility to have a collaboration with Rihanna, which has always been something that Stonebwoy has always been looking for. And music fans and music enthusiasts also know well enough, the relationship between Rick Ross and Rihanna and if he says he is going to get it done by the week, then Ghanaian and African fans, in general, should be rest assured that this Stonebwoy, Rihanna collaboration is definitely going to be a reality. Not a distant reality, but a reality that is not far fetched.

During the instagram live, Rick Ross sought to know, which Ghanaians/African producers that are really holding down the Ghanaian/African music. To this Stonebwoy mentioned producers like Dj Breezy, Mix Masta Gazy and StreetBeatz.

To the conversation about Ghana’s contribution to the African sound now or what is termed today as ‘Afrobeats’, Stonebwoy reiterated that the core of the Afrobeats music we have today is the high-life music, which originally emanated from Ghana. And also acknowledged the fact that the African music breaking boundaries and infusing other sounds. He further acknowledged the massive explosion and different vibe of the High-life or Afrobeat that is beings served by Black Sherif. Which has gone global and transcending boundaries.

We look forward to this huge collaboration between Stonebwoy and Rihanna.

Watch the instagram live below:

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