Stonebwoy’s Grammy Dream


Superstar Stonebwoy of Ghana aspires to win a Grammy Award, but he doesn’t approach it with an obsessional mentality.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye, he stressed that his actual interest is continually creating his finest work. Although Stonebwoy considers the Grammy Awards to be a large platform, his primary objective is to capture people’s hearts with his incredible skill.

“Obsession is a big no I mean I’m not obsessed with winning the Grammys or any other awards for that matter but my obsession will rather be that I always want to continue to deliver my best,” he told Amansan Krakye.

He declared his intention to promote Ghanaian music by exhibiting his unique skills and playing on the largest venues imaginable in order to share his musical message with people all over the world.

“That I’ll be able to push Ghana music forward and I’ll be able to express my talent and to be able to win the heart of people and be on all the biggest stages I can ever imagine delivering a musical message to the world.

“It will continue to propel my sound and my dreams to the world and I’ll be able to continue to do that but to say the Grammys is above that dream is not realistic,” he added.

These objectives drive him, and he believes that achieving his core desire is essential. Though he appreciates the Grammy Awards’ potential to introduce his music and aspirations to a worldwide audience, Stonebwoy stays grounded and pragmatic, saying that it would be impossible to place the awards ahead of his fundamental objective.

During an interview on Cape Coast’s Property FM, he indicated that a Grammy would help him achieve his goals and further progress his music while allowing him to continue making an impact. His desire to use music to transform people’s lives and create a lasting effect, he maintains, is more significant than any specific accolade.

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