US-based lady ‘exposes’ Davido of impregnating her and telling her to abort the baby


Davido is in the news again for allegedly impregnating a US-based lady

The American-based entrepreneur simply known on social media as Ninathelite made a series of outrageous charges against Nigerian Afrobeats artist Davido, which put him back in the spotlight for the wrong reason(s).

Ninathelite claims the Grammy-winning musician is carrying her child but won’t accept responsibility for it and wants her to terminate the child.

Ninathelite said she met Davido in 2017 and that they have been having a love relationship ever since in a little video that has now become a social media craze.

In one of her many viral videos, she also said that the singer’s marriage was the reason she responded “YES” to his proposal: she was unaware of it.

Davido begged her to get an abortion in one of their secret chats that was released since he was now unable to have another kid or mother due to the devastating death of his son.

Davido claims that he has had multiple babies aborted for him by other women, but Ninathelite’s refusal to do so only serves to complicate his life.

According to reports, Clarks, Davido’s older brother, also rushed into the woman’s inbox to beg her to end the pregnancy.

However, after repeated requests for help went unanswered, he subsequently revealed that he would speak with his brother to urge him to accept and take responsibility for the pregnancy. During their talk, Ninathelite strongly asserted that she won’t abort the child.

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