Were You There When Your Daughter Was Smoking Weed And Hanging Out With Bad Boys? – Afia Shwarzenegger Blasts Mother of Late Suzzy Williams.

Ghanaian Socialite, Afia Shwarzenegger has blasted Suzy Williams Mother, after the latter called out Nana Ama Mcbrown to Fulfil her promise to take care of her.

Controversial Ghanaian social commentator, Afia Shwarznegger in her latest attack, has strongly lamasbted Suzy Williams’ Mother, for her latest rant at Nana Ama McBrown requesting her to fulfill her promise to take care of her. Afia, who is one to let go of an opportunity to trend, ‘jumped’ on the neck of William’s mother as Suzy Williams has been tending on social media for some time now.

In a recent interview by Williams’ mother, she attacked Mcbrown and asked her to help her pay her rent or else she will be rendered homeless. These remarks didn’t go down well with Ghanaians as most of them have voice out against Williams’ mother, as to why she is trying to put such pressure and responsibilities on Nana Mcbrown. And Afia Shwarznegger is surely at the forefront of this outburst.

In a video done by Afia Shwarzenegger and directed at Suzy Williams’ mother, the controversial socialite insisted that Nana Ama Mcbrown has no responsibility and no hand in the death of her daughter. She further blamed the death of Suzy Williams, to her mother’s bad parenting, as she claims her daughter was smoking weed and moving in bad company, but failed to discipline or do anything about it.

These allegations, have not yet been proven by anyone else. As she questions the parental skills of Suzy Williams’ mother, many also questions Afia’s own parenting, with regards to her two children.

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