When I left Sarkcess Music, I began making money – Strongman

Strongman, in a recent interview has hinted that he started making money when he left Sarkcess Music, owned by Ghanaian music icon Sarkodie.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Ghanaian hinted that his monetary breakthrough came after he left Sarkcess Music, owned by Ghanaian music icon, Sarkodie.

In the interview, he revealed that although he is appreciative of the kind of opportunities and exposure he got at the time when he was signed to Sarkcess Music, leaving the record label has been a life changing decision in his career.

He elaborated that going independent has enabled him to take charge of his craft. He says that the decision has also given him the power to assess and access various legitimate opportunities to make money.

“I think when I was about to leave Sarkcess was when I started to make money in music. Before Sarkcess, I has some money that I could use to buy a car but I didn’t and rather spent it on other things. I used some for feeding, promo and lavish living because Sarkcess was a high-rated label,” he said.

He also reiterated that taking the decision to be independent permitted him to shoot-up his income and take strategic decisions pertaining to business, which he always ensures are in line with his aspirations. Being able to secure good endorsement deals, collaborate with other high rated artiste and also perform at high rated events. He says that all the have resulted immensely in growing his finances.

However. he remained grateful to Sarkodie who mentored him and helped refine him to the kind of rapper he is now. To this he said: “After I left, there is no stress in life anymore. I am not saying Sarkodie did not help and I have never said that. If I was in level 1 or form 1 when I was with Sarkcess, my level changed to form 2, and you don’t expect me to remain there. The aim is to get to form 3.”

Strongman has also appreciated the support from fans, who have been with him throughout his musical career, specially mentioning their constant support that has played really important part in his growth. He has promised to continue delivering good and quality music for his fans and all.

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