WONDERS: Lady traveling to Canada forgets her ‘new’ name at KIA

traveling to Canada
traveling to Canada

Last weekend, a woman traveling to Canada forgot her ‘new’ identity, resulting in her detention by police at Kotoka International Airport Terminal Three.

According to what we learned, the Canadian Visa she was using to travel had been tampered with so she could use it to exit the country, but a brief discussion with immigration agents revealed her.

The name on the passport was shown to be Abigail, but when she was asked what her name was, she answered Ayishetu.

The immigration official checked her paperwork and discovered that all of them had the name Abigail, not Ayishetu, as she had said.

A close examination of the visa revealed that it had been tampered with. A check with the Canadian Embassy revealed that the stated Abigail had received a visa with the same passport number.

It was said that the lady, Ayishetu, was to assume the name Abigail as her new identity until she arrived at her final destination.

But at the airport, she forgot and said her name was Ayishetu, and when she realized her error, she immediately added that she had recently changed her name to Abigail.

This answer did not set well with immigration, who turned her over to police for further inquiry.

After Abigail’s visa was issued, her photo was allegedly switched with that of Ayishetu.

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