You can get a divorce in Ghana after two years – Lawyer hints

Ghanaian Lawyer, Richard Sena Hotor has hinted that couples can file for a divorce in Ghana just after two years of marriage.

The challenges and sacrifices required to sustain a marriage can be one that is very overwhelming. And some do not have the resolve to stand or condone such challenges and make those sacrifices. In the case of the aforementioned, one seeks for divorce which is a legal way of breaking out of marriage. But one keeps wondering, for how long can it take before one files for a divorce? Lawyer Hotor says that Ghanaian couples are eligible to file for divorce in marriage after two years.

He says, a couple cannot nullify their marriage just a year after the marriage, but they are only eligible to file for a divorce after two years of the union.

Speaking to Joy News on issues surrounding ways one can begin a divorce process legally in Ghana. Speaking to Joy News, he said, “If it is something that you’re going to annul, it must take at least two years before you can bring a divorce petition”.

The process, he says, becomes much easier when both spouses come to a mutual consent or a common ground.

However in cases where one of the spouses is in disagreement, the one who wants the divorce is counseled to hire an attorney to help him/her to file a petition for a divorce at any court of choice.

“It is advisable that you get a lawyer who will first listen to your story and situate it within the seven facts proving that the marriage has broken down beyond reconciliation. Once a petition is filed, it is the beginning of the end”

After the filing of the petition, the other party/spouse is expected to file a reply. Where the other party does not reply, the attorney goes ahead and find other possible solutions to the problem.

Mr. Hotor further reiterated, that the whole process relies on how difficult or complicated the problem is. In the case where one feels the court has administered an unfair judgement, he or she can appeal to the court.

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