Yvonne Nelson ‘curses’ Sarkodie’s daughter after the rapper dissed her

Yvonne Nelson ‘curses’ Sarkodie’s daughter

Yvonne Nelson, who is hurt and enraged, has included her own daughter in her nasty feud with the BET Award winner.

Rapper King Kong just released a song criticizing the actress-turned-producer.

Sarkodie confessed in his quickly gaining notoriety diss song that he genuinely dated Yvonne Nelson in 2010 and that she even became pregnant for him.

But unlike what she said in her biography, he didn’t persuade her to terminate the child.

Sark clarified that even though he was not unprepared to be a parent, he advised Yvonne to continue the pregnancy. But she turned down the suggestion since she was prioritizing her study at the University at the time.

He said that after that, he invited her to see his doctor for medical care, but she declined, saying that her friend had previously given her the name of a trustworthy physician and that he had never pressured her to get an abortion.

Sarkodie ended the song by describing Yvonne Nelson as an ashawo who belongs to the streets.

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