Yvonne Nelson Reveals Top Secret About Peter Ala Adjetey

Yvonne Nelson

The late New Patriotic Party (NPP) member Peter Ala Adjetey was the biological father of actress Yvonne Nelson, according to her book.

A chapter in the book “I’m Not Yvonne Nelson” that depicted the movie producer’s gruesome meeting with her ostensibly missing father astounded readers.

The fact that Yvonne Nelson has never met her real father has already drawn her ferocious ire. Peter Ala Adjetey served as the deputy speaker of the Fourth Parliament of the Republic of Ghana. Justice D.F. Annan’s post was replaced by him.

Following the exposé included in her book I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, which produced a variety of comments dissecting all the delicious dosages the book spewed, the actress and filmmaker has succeeded in tipping the internet on its axis.

In an excerpt from the contentious book, Yvonne Nelson said that it took her almost five years after learning that Mr. Nelson was not her real father before she finally began investigating into the matter.

“The encouragement and advice of former President Kufuor had calmed and lulled me into thinking I could forget about the shocking revelation from my mother and move on with my life.

But the need to discover my father’s true identity grew stronger and more frequent in my thoughts. Every time it appeared, it grabbed hold of me and gave me the willies.

It gave me unanswered questions and uncertainties that I needed to have answered. On those instances, the concern over my mother’s ability to deceive me once again frequently caught my attention. If it weren’t true, what incentive would she have had to tell me that a second man was my father?” the book asks.

Yvonne Nelson said she got in touch with Kiki Banson to gain the phone number of Peter Ala Adjetey’s firstborn child, Gabby Adjetey, after learning that the late, venerable Speaker of Parliament, Peter Ala Adjetey, was thought to be her biological father.

“I knew he will have Gabby’s contact because Kiki was (and still is) a big name and well-connected figure in Ghana’s entertainment industry. Gabby Adjetey, who is now in London, once worked with Joy FM, so I was certain Kiki would have his number. Kiki expressed his shock when I told him the story and why I needed Gabby’s number.

I, however, told him it was classified information, and he promised to keep it as such. “Two days after getting his number, I set up a video call with Gabby. At that point, I had become conscious of the never-ending drama, so I decided to document my search.

I set up a camera and recorded myself making the call in what was to be my first encounter with my real father’s child. I didn’t have to struggle to introduce myself because Gabby knew who I was. What he did not know and would not have imagined was what I was about to tell him, that 1 was his sister.”

She claims that she has told the key NPP figure that all she wants to know is who her biological father is. A DNA test was ultimately used to convince the actress to put an end to her self-doubt. The DNA findings confirmed that she was Peter Ala Adjetey’s biological daughter.

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