Yvonne Nelson’s mother might’ve committed incest – Ruthy

Yvonne Nelson

Since the publishing of her memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,’ Yvonne Nelson has been the talk of Ghana for over a week.

Examining the theme of the critically acclaimed memoir, the subject matter has been focused on Yvonne Nelson’s missing biological father for the previous 38 years.

In the novel, Yvonne Nelson’s attempts to persuade her mother, Margaret Glover-Addy, to reveal the true father have all failed.

This is due to two different men who were claimed to be Yvonne Nelson’s biological father failing a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test.

Ruthy’s critical thinking was sparked by the competing tales of Yvonne Nelson’s paternity and Madam Glover-Addy’s refusal to acknowledge the truth about her daughter’s real father.

Ruthy speculates that Yvonne Nelson’s mother may have engaged in incest given that she has been mum about the father’s identity for so long.

As a result, Ruthy encouraged Yvonne Nelson to abandon her quest for her father should the truth about him make her unhappy.

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